We were out of town buyers trying to find a home in the Clearwater area. We were unable to view the homes in person so Maureen face timed with us while she showed us the homes.

This was great we were able to get the feel of the home with out actually traveling. Maureen found a home that met out criteria and we liked it. The home had a lot of complications and Maureen helped us solve all the problems with ease:

  1. The house was a foreclosed home.
  2. The roof needed replacing and could not be replaced because there was a nesting eagle near by.
  3. The home did not pass inspection
  4. The home could not pass the appraisal unless the roof was repaired
  5. We had to arrange financing on a home that could not have a clear appraisal until the roof was completed.
  6. We had to find insurance on a home that need a roof.
  7. We couldn’t put the roof on until the eagles were done nesting.

Maureen has an excellent network of people to help resolve all the problems we had in order to purchase this home. She provided us with reputable, professionals to make the home purchase a success. In the end we ended up with a home that had a new roof with wind mitigation, passed four point inspection and a great interest rate thanks to Ryan Ford at Interim Capital Mortgage. We were able to close on time in spite of all the issues. The only way this was possible was due to Maureen’s attention to detail and resourcefulness.

Maureen was the greatest to work with! She is very proactive keeping open lines of communication with all the parties. Maureen provides us with an outstanding home purchase experience!

Edward Rapa

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